All in One Personal Training

Success Stories

Here's what my past and present clients have to say about All In One - Personal Training.

Steve is an amazing PT. He helped me to lose 6 and a half stone in 7 months. Always mixing up exercises, between kickboxing, circuits and toning, including having a great diet plan to follow. Never felt like I didn't want to attend a session. Now I have also been graded by him in kickboxing and currently have my 3rd (orange) belt.

I am so grateful to Steve and still loving the training sessions, and loving how much fitter I am now. Thank you, Highly recommended :)

— Bex Hylands

Steve is a great guy. Easy to get along with and caters for your personal needs and goals. He has helped me so much with my anxiety and I'm slimmer and fitter than ever! Highly recommended.

— Mia Griffiths

I've trained with Steve for some time now (along with my husband) and he's fantastic! I love how the sessions are always challenging, he keeps the training interesting and different, and is always friendly, welcoming and supportive.

— Rachel James

Brilliant trainer. I've been with Steve for two years and every session is different. Highly recommended.

— Daniel Jones

Amazing trainer! Gives you so much confidence and a good laugh. Can't recommend enough!

— Jolene Hodge

After doing Zumba and kettle bell for the past couple of years and experiencing chronic intermittent back pain during that time, my back finally “went” in February 2013.

I met Steve in April 2013 and have been having a session with him once a week. During that time Steve has given me back my confidence. He has devised an exercise programme that works within my limitations and ensures that any exercises I do are not putting pressure on my lower back. I’m doing more now than I ever thought I would be able to do: circuit training, kick boxing, weights, Pilates, and I am in better shape than ever. And most importantly, my back is stronger and I have not suffered from any back pain, stiffness or sciatica.

I can’t thank Steve enough and I look forward to our weekly sessions. Because Steve is constantly changing the things we do, I am never bored and don’t realise just how hard I am working!! Don’t bother with the slimming classes or the gym membership, Steve is all you need.

— Laura Newcombe

I have been doing one-to-one kick boxing with Steve for 9 years. I didn’t have the confidence at the beginning to join a club (and being a woman I was a little self conscious!!) so I decided to try one-to-one.

I have worked my way through the gradings and I am now black belt. I spar with Steve and different clients of his every week which builds confidence and fitness.

Steve is a great trainer and is really easy to get on with. I would recommend Steve to anyone and it doesn’t matter what your age is or whether you’re male or female

— Cath Fuge

Motivating and enjoyable sessions which have made a big difference to my muscular strength:- When I turned 50 I decided I would like to improve my fitness. Three years on I have definitely achieved that objective and am now really quite strong and muscular. Additionally, I'm rid of the lower back ache that I had assumed was an inevitable part of ageing.

Steve is a very kind and motivational trainer, and builds variety into our sessions that keeps me challenged and never get boring.

— Tessa Finch

Great trainer. Steve has helped me develop enormously.

I have lost weight, my flexiblity has improved, and I have recently passed my green belt in Kickboxing. My next goal: Getting my black belt.

— Neil Lewis

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